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pinterest cake | sophie-world.com

When it comes to party planning, I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love it because there are so many amazing ideas generated by it. I love it when images stimulate my or my client’s imaginations.  It’s great to get a picture that illustrates what the client desires. It helps in guiding me to create the perfect event.  

It can also serve to set unrealistic expectations.  

golden birthday glam | sophie-world.com

Let's take a poll: Do you know when your “golden" birthday is?  Everyone has one.  If you are like I was prior to moving West, this may be your first encounter with the term.  If you guessed your 50th, that’s a good guess, seeing as a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. You’d be waaay off.  By at least 19 years.  A “golden" birthday is when the day of your birth matches the number or years you are old.  For example, I was born May 6. My golden birthday would have been when I turned 6.

Pokemon Craft Projects | sophie-world.com

Last week was my annual Summer Kamp, which I love.  It gives me an entire week to catch up with some of my favorite kids.  This year, the chatter was alllll about Pokemon Go. So much so, that I decided to throw in a couple quick and easy Pokemon activities into our already over-planned schedule.

BFG Party update | sophie-world.com

I love my job because it allows me to bring ideas to reality.  Often while doing so I discover a brand new set of opportunities and ideas that otherwise would have never occured to me.

Case in point, the BFG party I wrote about last month!  We were finally able to find the time to reschedule the party for my dear little friend Lili.

As promised, here are some photos, updates and additions from what I must say was one of the most wonderful parties I have been a part of in a long time.

wacky olympics | sophie-world.com

With the summer Olympics about to begin, I thought it might be fun to offer some suggestions for creating your own wacky backyard festivities.  You can use this as a party theme, camp activity, or for just gathering a bunch of buddies over for some silly competition.