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Jane and staff in headdresses | sophie-world.com

Recently, I was asked by one of our large (and favorite) Event Planning Companies in SF to design a craft for an event at a Brazilian restaurant.  Given the restaurant we wanted to create something that reflected Brazilian culture. It need to be fun, festive and colorful - a sort of “Carnival” feel.  Our budget was slightly limited so I turned to my beloved Dollar Tree for inspiration.   That’s where I spied these inexpensive “tiaras”, basically a foil headband with a cardboard back.

My mom is an amazing seamstress.  She used to sew all my clothes, as well as my dolls' clothes when I was a kid.  Sadly, I never really inherited that talent.  I can sew out of necessity (think buttons, mending holes, and the occasional hobby horse head), but it’s not my forte.  I much prefer using duct tape.  

09 Mar 2017

A few years back, in the height of the duct tape crafting craze, I had a ton of requests for American Girl-sized doll clothes.   As a child, I vividly remember making clothes for my Barbie Doll. Although my family didn’t have a lot of money, I had very generous Grandparents.  As I was the only girl grandchild, my Grammy Maletsky loved shopping for me.

I’m always on the lookout for fun projects for teens and tweens.  It’s often difficult to find something that can grab their attention and pull them away from their phones.  Case in point, we did a 12 year old Overnight Hotel party this past weekend. Even though we had a ton of activities, from photo ops,to fortune telling, to spa & makeup treatments, they still ended up with their nose pressed to their phones, exchanging pictures on instagram…

Every Summer I have the pleasure of hosting a week long creativity camp for 8 to 10 boys. We’ve done Minecraft projectsPokemon Go, created our own water parks and even held egg funerals….it’s a blast.