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2016 Halloween Round Up

As Halloween 2016 rolls around, Sophie looks back at some of her favorite crafts, decor and ideas from years past.

Hello little beasties!  It's that time again. My favorite time of the year.  

I was always one of those kids who achieved their highest potential when under pressure. Nothing has changed in my adult life.  For my staff and me, October is just one big bubbling cauldron of creativity.  Right now we are in the midst of planning a “Zombie Prom”, a Mad Science Laboratory, an Egyptian Tomb, and one which really just creates itself - a trip into Political Hell.

Sadly, trying to document as we work is always tricky, but I promise there will be pictures and stories in future blogs.

As I like to do every October, I thought we’d take a trip down memory lane with some of our older Halloween posts. You can also just put “Halloween” in our search bar. You’ll end up with 10 pages of ghastly delights!

Our First Halloween Decor of the Season

Insulation Foam shackles

Pool noodle spiders


Wooly Willy Werewolf


An amazing year for Halloween decor items

Glowing Monster Eyes

Hanging Paper Bats

2014 pumpkin | sophie-world.com

Haunted House Tips


A very special costume shop


DIY Styrofoam Tombstones



Mason Jar Luminaries

hanging candy cones | sophie-world.com

Hanging Candy Cones

 Here’s hoping this Halloween is safe, secure, and above all...SPOOOOOOKY!