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Behind the Scenes of Halloween 2016

Here's a peek at some of the elements we are creating for Halloween 2016.

Halloween is upon us.  Our first few events are behind us. Everyone is working their fingers to the bone, literally!  

As I mentioned in last week's blog, we’re creating two entirely new themes this year, Zombie Prom and Political Hell.  Both are large events for over 600 people.  That requires a ton of decor, a good deal of it created by my amazing design team Freda and Steve (and my Mom!)

Here’s a little peek at what they have been doing:


Voting Booths - Each one decorated to fit the candidate’s personality. (Trump’s is gilded in Gold, of course).


bernie tombstone }

Tombstones - Honoring those who entered, and exited this political race.

 Games - Hillary and Donald fall prey to the “foot in mouth” syndrome.

 A Toxic spill for the Zombie Prom - complete with infected zombie lab rats

It’s a crazy, busy time for all of us, but one that is always filled with stories, laughter, and MacGyver moments.  I promise we’ll take lots of photos to share in future blogs.  But for now...we hope this photo of our beloved zombie cafeteria worker holds you over 'til Halloween.  

Anyone for some finger food?