Create Your Own Trail Mix Bar

Sophie and Freda create a healthy alternative to a candy bar - a trail mix bar. Perfect for Western or outdoor themed events.

Recently we helped facilitate a Western Themed School Mixer.  The idea was to combine classes from a local all-boys and all-girls school. This would give the families of the 2020 graduates a chance to mingle and get to know one another.  There was a mechanical bull, laser tag shoot out at the OK Corral, a western-themed crafting corner, and family photos in the “poke”.  

One of the big hits of the day was our “Happy Trails” trail mix bar.  

Guests were encouraged to belly up to the bar, where they filled hand-stamped brown paper bags with their own tasty treats for the long trek home.  

Allergies being what they are, we figured we should shy away from nuts altogether. Instead we focused on granola, fruit, and seeds.

Freda went to a local organic grocery and purchased bulk items ranging from candied ginger to dried apples.  To properly identify everything I printed up cute little chalkboard labels which we mounted on coffee stir sticks.

To make sure we had everything properly labeled and placed in the right plot of goodies, Freda made us a “cheat sheet” with a sample of each morsel taped to a page listing the contents.  I was particularly taken by this sheet...and had to share it with you all.  I don’t know why, but the sight of those different items scotch taped to the page made me giggle every time I laid eyes on it.

Here’s a list of the items we supplied on our bar - it’s a mixture of sweet, hot, salty, crunchy, and savory items that allowed folks to mix up a variety of combinations.


coconut "smiles" 

dried date pieces

dried peach slices

banana chips

dried sliced pears

mixed dried fruit

dried apple rings

dried persimmons

dried cranberries

sultana raisins

whole cranberries

roasted green peas

wasabi soybeans

roasted pumpkin seeds

roasted sunflower seeds

sesame sticks

cajun hot sesame sticks

rice crackers

yogurt covered raisins

dark chocolate covered raisins

white chocolate chips

chocolate chips

cherry vanilla granola

pumpkin flax granola

crystalized ginger


The nice thing about this bar was that it was a fun alternative to a candy bar.  Sure, there were some sweet items, but for the most part the treats were pretty darn healthy.  Next time you are considering a tasty giveaway for your guests, maybe saddle up your horse and head on over to the health food store instead of the chocolate factory.  

Tell ‘em Trigger sent ya.