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14 Jan 2016
A "Cute" Party
A "Cute" Party|Kawaii|sophie-world.com

The other day I received a call from one of my clients. She told me her daughter wanted a “cute” party.  

“All of our parties are cute,” I told her.

“No, you don’t understand. She wants a Kawaii party”, my client explained with a laugh.

“Isn’t that an island in Hawaii?”, I asked, envisioning bright pink hula skirts, overly chubby geckos, and pink surfboards.

“No, no, that’s Kaua’i!  She want’s Kawaii, as in the Japanese word for "cute”.

Immediately, a lightbulb went off in my head! Kawaii has been responsible for flooding the market and internet with those personably rolly-polly animals and food objects. They show up on stickers, stationery, toys, and clothing. Their main features are their giant expressive eyes and emotions created by very few line strokes. Often a Kawaii critter is nothing more than a big blob that exudes happiness. Want a quick course in Kawaii? Google Pusheen the Cat! Your screen will be filled with so much OMG cuteness you might need to step away from your laptop.

Pusheen the Cat|Kawaii|Unicorn|sophie-world.com

So what makes something cute?  

An interesting question. In doing my research I found that for every cute image I found, there was a dozen more equally as cute creations. 



For every line drawn creature with dot eyes, there was an anime sweetie with pigtails, giant reflective eyes, and a killer outfit.   

The recurring theme seems to be an expression of joy and happiness. An “even when I’m angry, I’m cute” aura seems to surround Kawaii.

kawaii bunny art|sophie-world.com

 "cute" bunny girl twins

Two kawaii bunnies in love|sophie-world.com

In the next few blogs I’m going to be sharing my ideas for how to make a Kawaii party supercute. So stay tuned...and get your insulin shot ready - because the level of sweetness just might overcome you.