A Father's Love

One of the silent things that Sophie's father does for her.

Parents can be amazing.  

A good parent is there to listen, guide, instruct, laugh, cry, and offer unconditional love.  The way a parent shows their love is many faceted:  it can be a funny card in the mail with a $20.00 bill for “something fun”, an unexpected car wash after a weekend visit (my Deed is notorious for this sneaky little trick), or having all of your clothes cleaned, mended and pressed.

My husband Scott and I refer to these as “the silent things” that people who love each other do for each other.  Something that often goes unnoticed, but makes a huge impact

Which is why I thought I’d share one of the very sweet, and quite frankly, adorable things that my father does for me.

Every month I make an appearance on a daytime TV show in Sacramento called Sac. and Co. It’s a half-hour show on which I usually have 3 to 5 minutes to share an art project with the show’s host Mellisa Paul.  It’s a fun segment and gives us an excuse for a monthly visit to Sacramento. My parents live in Sonora, California, which means Sac and Co is aired on their local ABC affiliate.  One of the best parts of every appearance is our drive home when I call my family for their “review” of the day’s show.   This is often hysterical, but also insightful. My parents have very critical (albeit admittedly slightly skewed) eyes. They usually offer up some solid notes: My Mother thinks I need brighter lipstick. My Deed will often comment on the interaction, length of segment and content.  

However, the best part is when I return to my office 2 hours later. There I will find a folder of pictures waiting for me in my e-mail box.  “Photos of what?”,  You might ask…”your parents weren’t on set with you, were they?”  The answer is….wait for it...photos of the television during my segment!  

For the past 3 years, my Deed has photographed every live segment from his television!  He literally sets up a little tripod, aims it at the TV, and clicks away while watching.  The results are priceless!  Seriously!  They are the best!  

He is able to capture is a little frozen moment in time.  And I can’t tell you the number of times his photos have actually saved the day!  A few months ago we were trying to remember what craft we made on a previous episode.  I usually keep a running list so we don’t ever repeat a project. For some reason I had missed some.  None of us in the office could remember the previous month's appearances. Then my fabulous assistant Annette piped up - “why don’t you just check your dad’s photos”.  Needless to say, we were able to scour through the photo montage and easily figure out the missing crafts.  

Over these last three years my Deed has accumulated and edited hundreds of photos.  They serve not only as signposts on my journey as a crafter/teacher, but are also reminders of just how much my father loves me.  

And that is an invaluable gift that can never be taken away.