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18 Sep 2014
A "Frozen" Themed Party
Frozen Themed Birthday|sophie-world.com

The party world is a funny place.  You can never quite tell when a trend is going to hit.  To my knowledge, the movie Frozen came out in November of 2013.  I kept reading in the trade papers that it was a huuuuge hit.  Yet, there was nary a mention of a Frozen party in my world.  Well, for whatever reason, the big freeze is over.  I’ve got 4 Frozen-themed parties this month, almost a year after the movie opened.

It’s enough to make a rock troll scratch his mossy head.

In honor of this veritable avalanche of Frozen parties this month,I thought I’d pass on some of our ideas.  The full party breakdown is on my party page.

Frozen Themed Birthday|Decor|sophie-world.com



Frozen Themed Birthday|Crafts|sophie-world.com

Craft Table

Here’s hoping these ideas will take the chill out of planning a Frozen Party of your own!