Handprint Valentines: You Made It! I Love It!

Sophie loves these simple, heartfelt, handprint Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  As a kid in school, I used to love the prep that went into this day.  I remember going to Woolworths and pondering over which box of 32 cards I would purchase. Would it be the Fonz with his thumb up saying "ehhh, be my valentine" or Speed Racer wishing you'd "race on over" to be his valentin? I remember sitting at our dining room table laboriously filling each one out, diligently writing each child's name on those mini envelopes, my tongue raw and tasting of gum paste after sealing each one.

I also remember those special teachers who would bring supplies into class and give us a period off to make handmade Valentines for our family.  I distinctly remember using paste and doilies - and getting a tiny bit heavy handed with the paste, so that by the time I got home, all my Valentines were fused together.  Even though the edges were a bit tattered and torn, my Mom and Grammy were thrilled with their cards.  Nothing says love like the artistic efforts of a child.

If this year you find yourself a little short on ideas and supplies, may I suggest that you pop on over to Personal Creations where your kiddos can literally put their hands to work creating the most adorable Valentines.  This is the same group that brought us the super cute heart animals.  They never cease to amaze me with their simple and creative ideas.

Their easy to follow directions, beautiful photos, and free downloadable templates take all the guesswork out of creating a high-quality card in minutes.

I promise you, this is a craft that kids will love getting their hands on, and one that will leave an imprint on every parent's heart.