My maternal grandfather, Pop Yocom, was a wordsmith!  He was always making up silly songs and rhymes and he was never without a good pun!  That’s why, to this day, I enjoy clever dialogue, and making up my own rhymes.  For some reason, Valentine’s Day just lends itself to good puns.  It’s fun mixing hearts, pictures, and puns.  So why not gather some good friends and family, your favorite crafting supplies (construction paper, heart stickers, doilies, glue, glitter, candy, magazines, & markers) and get those creative juices rolling.

My Punny Valentine- Crafts|

Here are some of my favorites to get you started….


Bear :  Can’t bear to be without you 

Bees : Bee mine / You are the bees knees 

Bird: A little birdie told me you’re sweet

Cat : You’re the cat’s meow/ you’re the cat’s pajamas

My Punny Valentine-You're the cats meow|

Deer : You are deer to me

Dinosaur : You are dino-mite 

Dog : Dog gone it your cute

My Punny Valentine-Done gone it your cute|

Elephant : Don’t forget to be my Valentine 

Fish : I’m hooked on you 

Hippo : I love you a ton

Kangaroo : Hop to it and be my Valentine 

Lion : I ain’t lion when I say I love you 

Octopus : I’m a sucker for you 

Otter : Glad you are my significant otter 

Owl :  Owl always love you

Sheep : I love ewe 

Snake : You’re the besssssst 

Tiger (especially Tony the Tiger) : You are grrrrreat 

My Punny Valentine-You're grrrreeat|

Whale : Whale you be my valentine 

Wild animals: I’m wild about you

Food and Drink:

Apple : You are the apple of my eye 

Banana: I’m bananas for you

My Punny Valentine-I am banana's for you|

Berry : You are berry sweet 

Bubble Gum:  I chews you

Cake : You take the cake 

Candy : I’m sweet on you

My Punny Valentine-I'm sweet on you|

Challah : Challah!  I love you!

My Punny Valentine- Challah, I love you!|

Coffee : I like you a latte 

Ice Cream : You melt my heart 

Mason Jar, Canned Goods : Can you be my valentine

Measuring Cups, Spoons, Measuring Tape : Our love is immeasurable

Mints : We are mint to be 

Nuts : I’m nuts about you 

My Punny Valentine-I'm nuts about you|

Olives : Olive you 

Orange : Orange you glad you're my valentine? 

Oven : What's cookin’ good lookin’ 

Peach : You are such a peach! 

Pear : We are the perfect pear 

Peas : We are two peas in a pod 

Pie : You’re a cutie pie 

Plum : You are plum perfect for me 

Pretzel : You tie my heart in knots 

Soda : I'd soda like to be your valentine 

Soup : You’re souper 

Tea : You are pre-tea cute / You fit me to a tea / You are my cup of tea


Airplane/glider: My heart soars for you

Arrows pointing right - you are all right with me

Band-Aid : I’m stuck on you 

Bandit : You stole my heart 

Beaker : You have the formula for my love 

Boat : You float my boat 

Book : You’re tops in my book 

Bowling : You are striking / you bowl me over 

My Punny Valentine-Bowling me over|

Boxing gloves : You’re a knock out 

Broom : You sweep me off my feet 

Bubbles:  Blow me a kiss/ I’m bubbling over with love/ you blow me away

Car : You drive me crazy 

Calculator : You + Me = Love 

Chandelier : You light up my heart / I fancy you

Cowboy: Glad to have you as my pardner 

Cuckoo Clock : I am cuckoo for you 

Drum: My heart beats for you 

Digger Truck: I dig you 

Dynamite stick - You’re a blast!

Fire: You warm my heart 

My Punny Valentine-You warm my heart|

Friendship bracelet: School would knot be the same without you

Glasses : I only have eyes for you 

Glow stick: You make my heart glow

Key : You have the key to my heart

Letter : You are write for me 

Lightbulb : you light up my heart 

My Punny Valentine-You light up my heart|

Map, Compass : I’m lost without you 

Matches : We’re a perfect match 

Mittens : I’m smitten 

Pirate : You Arrrrrr the best/ I’m hooked on you

Puzzle : We go together

Record : Just for the record, I love you 

Robot : I'm nuts (& bolts) about you 

Rock: You rock my world 

Rocketship, Astronaut : You are out of this world 

My Punny Valentine-Your out of this world|

Socks : We are a pair 

Stethoscope: My heart beats for you 

Superhero : I think you're super 

Tire : I wheelie like you 

Typewriter : You are just my type 

Umbrella : I would like to shower you with love 

Viking : I've taking a viking to you 

Watch, Clock :  I love you big time 

Woodgrain, Tree : Wood you be my Valentine?

I hope these puns will help spark some creative cards - as my pop always used to say - “we cantaloupe”...”Oh, honeydew”.