Thanksgiving Roundup|

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts and Decor

Here is a round up of some of Sophie's favorite Thanksgiving crafts and decor.

I come from an immensely talented family.  For all of us, Thanksgiving, like Christmas, has always been one of those times when the family comes together and shares their creativity.  Whether it be an autumnal wreath on the door or a handmade place setting at the dining table, there is always something interesting being made.  I vividly remember my grandmother plunking a box full of crafting supplies in front of my cousin and me to keep us occupied while dinner was being made.

With this thought in mind I bring you some of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving - about decor, setting the scene, and keeping little hands out of the pumpkin pie.


A napkin ring made from a paper bag

Place Cards and Napkin Rings

Use gourds to create a beautiful centerpiece|

Table Decor

A cone turkey make wonderful decor|

Cone Turkeys


Paper Bag Turkey

four examples of turkey crafts from

Turkey Crafts

Sweet Treats

A cornucopia made from a paper bag from sophie's world


Get Corny


Silly Singalong

Turkey Trot 

Harvest Relay

I hope some of these ideas will help you have a wonderful Holiday.  Remember, take the time to sit down together and create something - whether it be making decorations for the big day, or just sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate and sharing stories - the memories you create will last a lifetime.