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Pinterest, I give up! I can't compete.

The challenge of being an event planner in a world dominated by PInterest.

When it comes to party planning, I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love it because there are so many amazing ideas generated by it. I love it when images stimulate my or my client’s imaginations.  It’s great to get a picture that illustrates what the client desires. It helps in guiding me to create the perfect event.  

It can also serve to set unrealistic expectations.  

Case in point: Right before the holiday we helped a client create an Alice in Wonderland Birthday party for her 7 year old daughter.  I love Alice in Wonderland.  I love the whimsy, the craziness, and the silliness that the theme allows.   I immediately had well over 20 ideas pop into my head!

What, you may ask, is the problem?  Why am I so "faklempt"?

Because my client sent me the following images and expected me to create this effect:

Sure...I can create this look. But the cost would be prohibitive.  It involves rentals, and structures, and lots of manpower. I’m expected to keep the decor budget to $200.00 - tops (and that is TOPS). And that needs to include linen rentals at $30.00 a pop!  

Now, I love a challenge. I’m really good at repurposing and reimagining items I have in stock. My biggest setback?  I don’t have the photographic evidence to support my vision!  

I am completely frustrated by the NEED for photos.  Everyone needs to see what they are going to get ahead of time. Thanks to Pinterest, they expect perfectly lit, art directed, soft focus, dream-inspiring imagery.  

I am a party planner, not a Photographer or Art Director.  I am in the business of creating experiences, not pretty pictures.   Quite frankly, I am way too busy greeting and engaging children to take snapshots.  I know what you’re saying, “just hand the camera to an assistant”.  Sure.  We do that. But so often the “wow” effect just can’t be captured with an iPhone.

I’m not sure when birthdays went from being play time to show time. All I know is that I am much more interested in kids laughing, running, creating, singing and making a mess than taking pretty pictures of perfect decor.

Next week I’ll share with you some of the fun activities, crafts and games we created for what was a fabulous party. I may not have the best photos to support them, but I’m hoping that they will give you the floorplan to build an awesomely fun event.