Simplifying Father's Day

Think simple this Father's Day. Create simple, handmade and heartfelt gifts.

From what I have observed, fatherhood has changed over the years.  Those stereotypical gifts of the past like ties, tools, and fishing equipment have taken a backseat to electronics and gadgets meant for a wide array of hobbies. 

My Deed, as we call him, has always been one of those guys who searches out new ways to educate himself. I’m thinking this year it might be fun to give him a subscription to something like Great Courses or perhaps

One thing is certain though, my Deed has given a good deal of his life to making sure that my sister, mom, and I are secure.  Be it through some fatherly advice (“Soph, how about taking a day off once in awhile?”) to watching, photographing and critiquing my monthly appearances on Sac and Co.  A parent’s love is often something we take for granted as a kid and doesn’t really hit home until we are on our own.  So when you plan for this day, make it more about spending time with the ones who have given so much of their time and energy to helping make sure you grow and prosper.

I understand that distance and responsibilities can get in the way, so maybe put together a fun basket filled with all the things he loves.

If you want something a little more straight forward I’ve put together a super simple gift, a beer stein filled with candies

 and a cute way to wrap it all up.  

Just remember - the most important thing is to share your love this Father’s day.  And nothing say love more than a big old hug….and in my Deed’s case...a dozen salt bagels.