Supersize Me

Go big at your next party with these extra large versions of classic games and toys.

Some time ago I wrote a blog about how it seemed everything was getting smaller.  Well, it seems times have changed. Is it just me or is everything getting bigger?  

The other day I was hosting an Olympic themed event, where teams competed in a variety of challenges. The biggest hit of the day was Giant Beer Pong!  That’s right - a supersized version of the fratboy tabletop game.  

My friends over at Video Amusement supplied me with the BFG-sized Beer Pong. They also have an awesome array of oversized toys that I thought would be fun to share.  If you are looking to "Go Big" at your next event they have just what you need.

Build with Giant Legos

Play Giant Jenga

Large Light Bright (I totally want this one at a party!)

  Big Billiards

Colossal Connect Four

Prodigious Pac Man

Fat Foosball

Champion Sized Chess and Checkers

So if you live in Northern California and are looking to feel small, give my friends over at Video Amusement a call.