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28 Jul 2016
There's a Weedle in my Living Room
Weedle in my living room | sophie-world.com

The other day my sister Freda was sitting on the couch in my living room while I was working at the dining room table.  Out of the blue she let out a shriek.  I jumped up and ran to her side, checking to see if she’s been attacked by a wasp or was suffering from a charley horse.  What greeted me was her cellphone, shoved in my face, and the exclamation, “You’ve got a Weedle in your living room”.  Lo and behold, there on her Android screen was a tiny little cartoon Pokemon hopping merrily up and down on my sofa cushions.  

If you are unaware of this newest page in the Pokemon craze, a gaming franchise that began over 21 years ago and continues to stay relevant by reinventing itself every 5 years or so, you must live in an Amish homestead. I envy you!

I can understand why my sister is so taken with Pokémon Go. Basically it’s Geocaching (something she adores) with funny little cartoon characters.  Being that she’s been working with me for over 12 years, she’s seen her fair share of the little virtual critters. She actually knows most of them by name already.  Pokémon Go was released in early July and already it has captured the attention of over 40 million gamers.  Basically, you walk around searching your area for these various little fellas, who have been dropped, like tiny treasures, all over the map.  Along the way you can also find various Pokestops where you can get Pokeballs (the item used to capture these wayward scamps) and other special goodies (food, toys, etc.).

Evidently these little guys are allllll over - from Italy to Indiana.  I keep wondering if the airlines are seeing an increase in passengers as folks go hunting for a Charizard wearing a beret. Recently our dear friends from New York were visiting. They were ecstatic!  Being that San Francisco is where this app originated, we evidently have a lot more species than the East Coast.  For now…

It’s not just kids playing this app. Like Angry Birds, it has a way of crossing many boundaries; age, race, gender. Everyone seems to love it.  Next time you see someone face in phone, spinning to and fro, they probably aren’t trying to find a signal as much as they are trying to locate the elusive Peekachu!

Twitter and Instagram are now flooded with images of players using their screenshot feature to capture their finds not only in pokeballs, but in funny photo ops - like balancing a Zoobat on their finger, swimming with Squirtle, or hugging Clafairy.   As my sister says - “nothing beats the joy of capturing a jigglypuff in the wild.”