Valentine's Day Decor|

Valentine's Day Decor

Some ideas for Valentine's Day decor

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and so, in the spirit of that little winged cherub with love on his mind, I give you a few ideas for adding a sweet touch to that heart-filled day. Whether it’s for the office or classroom, or maybe a full-out party, it’s simple to add a bit of flair to the day dedicated to pink and red!


A decorated entryway|

Fabric Swags
I love fabric! You can do soooo much with some gossamer, tulle, or chiffon. You’ll want something extremely lightweight because it flows and is supple, which makes it easy to manipulate, and you’ll want as much yardage as you can get. Doorways, bannisters, and windows are great places for swags. The easiest swag is made this way: fold the fabric in half, pinch about 6 inches of the fabric at the middle, fold so that you have two long sides hanging down on either side, take a rubber band and wrapping it around the bottom of the pinched fabric. This will make a little pouf. Place a thumbtack in the middle of the top your door jam. Slip the rubber band over the thumbtack so that you’ve got the pouf centered in the door jam. Repeat this process on either side of the door jam, allowing an extra bit of fabric to “swag” between the center and the outer edge. Let the extra hang down on either side of the doorway. Instant Valentine’s entrance! You can do the same thing on banisters; just use a bit of ribbon to secure the swag to the railing instead of a thumbtack.


Boas make a fabulous stairway decoration|

A vase filled with feathers makes a simple, beautiful decoration|

Okay, I admit they can get messy (feather boas have a tendency to “molt!”) but they are sooo fun to use. Make swags from feather boas instead of fabric. No need to make the pouf (as described above), just use a paperclip to make a little hook and secure to doorway. Feather boas look great wrapped around banisters; add some twinkle lights (just wrap the boas around the lights first) for a night party. If you really want to go wild, thumbtack 5 or 6 boas in an entryway hanging down, like a beaded curtain. Wrap boas around the base of a vase or use as accents to a table. You can also place single fluffy feathers in small pretty vases for a cute and easy centerpiece.


Mylar heart balloons hanging from the ceiling|

With the helium shortage still in full force, I like blowing up mylar hearts with regular air and hanging them with either monofilament or pretty ribbon. There’s nothing more fun that a room filled with dangling hearts. If you don’t have balloons, you can use cut-out hearts -- those look amazing too!

Paper Streamers
Like fabric and feathers, pink, white, and red streamers can make great door entries, swags, and even create a sort of circus tent feel. Just take your streamers and attach them in the middle of the ceiling with tape, thumbtacks, or clips. Drape the streamer to the corner (if you like, you can twist the roll while you make your way to the corner -- it will give the paper a very cool look) and secure. Repeat this process in every corner. Then do the same in the space in between each corner. Continue bisecting your streamer placement until you’ve created a tent-like canopy in the room. Hang a big heart from the center!


Create simple tableaus for decor|

Create a Tableau
My sister Freda is the best at this. She takes whatever fun stuff she can find: those fun heart shaped boxes, teddy bears, fabric, ribbon, paper flowers... anything that fits the theme. She then “stages” the items, creating a little scene with the supplies she has on hand. This can be done for any theme, and is the perfect thing for an entryway table, a niche you might have, or an inset window that has a ledge.

Just remember the first rule of decorating: it should be fun! Don’t stress yourself out when you are decorating, just relax and let the space speak to you. And remember, a little goes a long way: a simple vase of red carnations with a pretty ribbon tied around the vase can be just as beautiful as a room full of decor.