A round up of Valentine's day ideas from Sophie's World

A Valentine's Day roundup!

Hope you have a creatively sweet Valentine's day!

Last year I took all of my Valentine's day ideas and laid them out in one blog - this year I thought I'd repeat the process - but include all the amazing ideas I've been seeing on the web.  Once again, the creative ingenuity that's out there simply blows me away, which is why my Pinterest board is literally exploding with ideas!  Hope you have a creatively sweet Valentine's day! 

A Valentine's Day Classroom party

Valentine's Day decor


Conversation heart crafts

Stocking-face flowers
Cupid quiver
Rolo and Kiss rose

Coffee cup flowers
Customized bath salts

Duct tape jewelry

Cellophane flower
Beaded lollipop butterfly
Tissue paper flower

Duct tape roses
Candy lei

Napkin flower
Potato print heart

Valentine's Day Mad Libs
Rainbow carnations

Fairy kisses

Conversation heart bingo
Marshmallow munch
Pass the paper

Candy memory
Candy suck-up

Sticker tag
Candy toss
Yummy Yummy Truth or Dare