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Whimsical Valentine's Day flowers

Sophie shares her love of making stocking faced flowers and suggests them for Valentine's Day.

I was always an inventive kid, and I loved using that creativity to make gifts for my friends and family. Since my family encouraged that sort of behavior, I could often be found taking over the kitchen table, or spreading out supplies on the living room floor. Unfortunately, the furniture in our house bore the marks of many such projects, as my parents will confirm: accidental paint splotches on the carpet, X-Acto knife gouges in the tables, floors, and sometimes my flesh, Sharpie streaks on the couch... I was a bit of a disaster when it came to organization and control back then! But my parents were always patient and supportive, even if it did mean turning the living room into a sweatshop.

I could never seem to do things in moderation. I suppose that even at an early age, I was preparing for my life as a party planner. Where most people would be content with making one craft, I’d make 20 -- you know, so everyone could have one.

One such project that just screams to be shared for Valentine’s Day is stocking-face flowers! I remember making these for all of my friends, and wrapping each one in tissue paper with a handmade tag. Each one had its own personality, and I tried to match the flower to the person as best I could. I’m not exactly sure where I got the inspiration for these guys, but it was during the introduction of the Cabbage Patch Dolls -- not the plastic ones made by Mattel, but the handmade ones that had sewn faces. I think I must have seen one in a stationery store; remember, this was in an age before the Internet, so the only way these sort of images were shared was through magazines, newspapers, books, and stores. In any case, I must have seen one somewhere, and it sent me into a flurry of action. It’s a pretty simple craft once you get the hang of it, although if you go for the sewn version, it will take a bit of practice.  Here again is the complete tutorial.

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Basically, my feeling is, anything with a puffy face is going to be fun!