When I was a kid I was an insufferably picky eater.  I was one of those kids who would sit at the table gagging over any offering that did not include white bread, peanut butter, or pasta.  I confess I am single-handedly responsible for my mother’s ongoing hatred of having to design meal plans.  I really should be paying for her therapy.  


So it’s no surprise that my first foray into fur mama-dom includes a baby whose appetite skews to the particular.  Carmelita insists on only homemade meals.  I mean, this dog eats better than me; roasted chicken, hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, rice, and sweet potatoes.  That’s it!  Canned food - oh no, she will go on a hunger strike before touching her fur-lined lips to such atrocities!  She doesn’t even like treats!  And trust me, I’ve tried them all, from freeze-dried duck hearts to Purina dog biscuits, the dog equivalent of junk food.  Nope…nada…done.  She turns her nose up in the air and trots in the opposite direction, stopping ever so dramatically to look over her shoulder at me with a look of disgust.



So although I was thrilled to receive a request to review Chippin brand dog treats and food I was hesitant to take on the challenge.  I wasn't sure whether my taste-tester would cooperate.


Personally I am all about this product and what it stands for.  First, they are a small, women-owned business that believes that pets are family.  Secondly, they are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint in dog food production. They use recyclable packaging.  Thirdly, they use all-natural ingredients such as bananas, oats, flaxseed, blueberries, and peanuts (note to those of you with allergy-prone dogs you can find a listing of all of their ingredients on their website).  But the biggest selling point to me is the use of alternative proteins.  That’s right, instead of beef or chicken, or God forbid horse (which I have heard has been used in the past) they use crickets!  Yes, crickets! Jimminy, you’d better watch your back.


By using crickets as their main protein source they are able to lower the water consumption that it takes to produce one pound of protein from 2000 gallons, the average amount necessary to produce one pound of beef protein, to 1 gallon.  If you go to their about page you’ll find an easy-to-understand graphic explaining what Chippin is trying to do; including reverse deforestation, increase air quality, and eliminate species extinction.  



Chippin sent me this great starter box that included a sample of their wild-caught silver carp dog kibble, vegan spirulina treats, smokehouse BBQ treats, their antioxidant treats, and a cute little silver treat canister.  The presentation was great, the bags are colorful and easy to open and close (there’s a ziplock top on each one), and the treat canister is just the right size for packing up and taking on a trip.  The website is easy to use and informative.  They offer $5.00 off your first order.  They offer a 30-day return guarantee (minus shipping costs).  I mean from an owner’s perspective, it’s a winner.


So…by now I guess you are wondering…will Carmelita be the next spokesdog for Chippin?  Is this a “Hey Mikey” Life cereal moment? (For those of you too young to catch this reference, Mikey was a picky eater who actually loved Life cereal)  Is this the time when I throw my hands up in the air and sing “hallelujah, I can stop baking and chopping chicken every day”? Will it now be possible for me to leave my dog with my friends and family for a weekend without the guilt of feeding trauma?  Will I be able to feed my dog with a clear conscience?  


Would you like to lay down your wagers now folks?  



Well, sports/pets fans…I hate to disappoint you.  This is not the Bill Murray “Cinderella Story” moment.  I tried every method possible, including withholding her actual dinner, the nose remained in the air.  Even when I broke it into tiny pieces and mixed it with her normal food, she picked around the pieces.  I’m sorry Chippin.  I really did try.



However, I am happy to report that my assistant Alexis has a normal dog, with a normal appetite and she snapped them right up.  I would guess that these treats would be a huge hit with your dog as well. 



But, I suppose Pax will be getting that commercial contract, not Carmie.