fan folded leaves from BHG |

You Made It! I Love It!: Fan Folded Leaves

bring your family into the Thanksgiving "fold" this year with these simple paper leaves.

You know, when I started my business 23 years ago, there wasn’t this wonderful world of image/imagination sharing.  If I wanted to make something I had to go to the library or the bookstore to research new ideas and ways of doing things.  Often I would turn to magazines like Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration, as they usually had one or two inventive decor ideas in each issue.  

Maybe that’s why it tickles me, all these years later, to turn once again to BHG for my weekly blog.  I’ve always loved simple, easy, inexpensive projects that build skills through play.  This post has all those elements covered.  It works on basic skills such as folding, tracing, and cutting, while creating something magical.  I think these leaves are beautiful, and I could see using them as not only decor for your Thanksgiving table, but also as place settings, tails for turkeys, and window mobiles.  For an added bonus, you could even have crafters write down the things they are thankful for before folding the paper.

The directions are very easy to follow and the template they supply is great.  Quick tip - if you want to create templates in varying sizes, just set the image size ratio on your printer up or down before you print.  

Thanksgiving is one of those great times for families to spend a little down time together.  So in between the cooking, setting the table, and squabbling over who gets to control the remote, why not grab some paper, tape, and scissors, log onto, and bring your family into the “fold”.