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Sophie demonstrates some of the recent creations from her Virtual Art Class and invites you to join. 

Classes are at 3pm Pacific Time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Zoom. All classes use materials commonly found in most households.

You can sign up for the class and my newsletter here.

20 Apr 2020

The other day I received the most wonderful package in the mail from Book and Bear.  Book and Bear is an online subscription and gifting service that mixes two of my favorite things - Books and Crafting.  Now before I go any further, full disclosure,

It's an interesting notion...being an influencer.  I never actually considered myself one.  Until I took a good, hard look at what it is I do for a living, or should I say "used to do, before the Virus descended upon us".

More and more I am planning large adult-focused events which include a fair number of small children. This can sometimes cause problems when it comes to seating and dinner. Do you put the kids with the teenagers, who then become resentful for being saddled with the “little kids"?  Do you seat them with their parents in one large group, creating what I call the “Disney table,” where only parents with little children are sequestered. Or disperse the families throughout the room, which can sometimes cause issues with other, childless guests if the kids become unruly?

When I was a child I had the most amazing Barbie doll clothing collection.  I would venture that it rivaled that of the Gimbles' toy section.  It certainly made me the most enviable kid on the block.  My friends may have had all the accoutrements; campers, town houses, cars...but when it came to Barbies, clothes made the doll, so I was quite popular.