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One of the best things about my job is when I get to collaborate with my young clients.  For the past 4 years, I've had the great pleasure of creating new and interesting Halloween decorations based on the suggestions of the 3 young ladies who reside in what my office has come to call, "The Spooky Tree House".  


Right now, if you visit my home city of San Francisco, you won't be able to walk 1/4 mile without seeing some sort of construction going on.  There are high rises going up faster than Jack's beanstalk, arenas taking over waterfronts, and enough scaffolding to make our city look like one giant jungle gym.  When I cross the Bay Bridge from Oakland or Berkeley I play a game called count the cranes...my lowest tally so far was 15, the highest was 32.  

If you live in San Francisco, or you are visiting soon, and you've got kids, I've got news for you!

I grew up in an extremely artistic household.  My Pop Yocom was a storyteller, my Deed was a sculptor, my Mama a painter, and my Aunt a puppeteer.  Is it any wonder that as a child I was drawn to the arts like a moth to the flame?

For many years now, I've had the pleasure of running a private summer camp for a beloved client.  It's two sessions: mornings with 8-year-olds, and afternoons with 11-year-olds.  This is possibly one of the harder things I do, when you consider the time spent planning, organizing and executing.