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I can't believe it's already August!  I swear, just yesterday we were watching fireworks over the Bay.  I just don't know where the summer has gone.  Which is why, before it gets too late, I want to share this fantastic post on Summer Camping Games.

I am a huge horror fan, although I have to admit I've never read Stephen King's Pet Sematary. When my mom came for a visit the other day, and we had a little time to kill, I thought, "Hey, why not go check out the Colma Pet Cemetery for kicks"?

When I was a kid, slime came in a little plastic trash can.  It was this strange, viscous substance, with an iridescent quality, that quite frankly smelled like petroleum jelly.  We loved it, but it was just one of many toys on the market.  Fast forward to the early 80's when Nickelodeon started pouring it over everyone from game contestant's to celebrity's heads.  It became cool to get slimed.  

One of the banes of being a party planner is the accumulation of stuff!  No matter what, there will always be some new theme, be it Fortnight or the newest Disney film, that will demand new decor.  The problem?  Kids and adults are fickle.  As soon as the next big blockbuster video game, film, or social media meme takes over, those items become passe and just start gathering dust.  

Every now and then I get a request to review an item for a company.  I always find this to be a fun endeavor, especially when it's something that I get to help design or create myself.  So when the good folks over at Smartsign.com sent me an inquiry, I was more than happy to jump on board and give their product a try.