You Will Need ...
  1. 18" balloons

  2. string or ribbon

  3. air pump

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Step 1: 

Measure a length of string that will stretch between your two hanging points. Add an extra 4 feet on each side for tying, allowing a gentle swag, and general mis-measuring. Tie the string taut between two chairs.

Step 2: 

Tie the balloons directly onto the string. Alternate colors and patterns.

Step 3: 

Making a collar for the balloons is simple: blow up two 5-inch balloons and tie them together at their stems.

Step 4: 

After making two pairs, you criss-cross the pairs, twisting one balloon 360 degrees to lock the two pairs together.

Step 5: 

Slide the collar onto the balloon lantern. To lock it in place, just switch the position of two of the collar balloons (meaning as you look at two of the balloons head on, take the right-hand balloon and leap frog it over the left-hand balloon, then bring it under the left balloon and back to its original spot).