You Will Need ...
  1. Bottle Cap

  2. Stamp Pad

  3. Hot Glue Gun

  4. Cork

  5. Foam Stickers

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Step 1: 

First, you will need to make a holder for your stamp.  This can be made from virtually any large lid you may have or by attaching a cork to a smaller lid like I have done.  Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the top of your cork.

Step 2: 

Secure the cork to the underside of the bottle cap.

Step 3: 

Center your first sticker and attach it to the top of bottle cap.

Step 4: 

Attach another sticker directly on top of the first one.

Step 5: 

Attach a third sticker directly on top of the first two, lining them up as best you can.  You can stop here or add more stickers. You only need to create enough height to seperate the stamp image from the bottle cap.

Step 6: 

Let the fun begin! Try different stamp pad colors.  Create different shapes.  The possibilities are endless.

Step 7: 

All done!

All Ages
Craft Length: 
Indefinite (as long as you want!)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Duct Tape: 
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
1 adult per 10 children