Duct Tape Backpack Body

The beginning of your duct tape backpack
Materials List

The duct tape and felt fabric you made in our previous tutorial

Additional duct tape


How to
Step 1

At the depth midway point (7.5” in this tutorial), fold your fabric with the felt side facing out. You will have a flap of fabric over what looks like a pocket.

Step 2

You will want to secure your pocket on both sides with a nice solid 7 inch strip of duct tape. Do each side one at a time (meaning repeat steps 2 and 3 on each side, don’t do both at once). Lay half of the strip on the edge, secure into place.

Step 3

Flip the pouch over and secure the remaining side of the tape. You will have a 1 inch sealed flap at the bottom. Repeat for other side of bag.

Step 4

Trim away the excess tape from the bottom. Be careful not to snip the corner of the bag.

Step 5

Gently turn the bag inside out, making sure to get the corners with your fingers so that every bit of the bag is inside out.

Step 6

You should see a line of sticky tape; this is what you want: a little bit of space.

Step 7

Use small 2 inch strips of tape to secure from top to bottom, on both sides. You will want to overlap these strips. (I have used yellow to make this step clear.)

Step 8

Your bag body should look like this once you've covered your seams.

Step 9

Triangle fold each side of the bag to create your depth of 3 inches (see our Advanced Duct Tape Purse for more of an explanation if necessary). Secure the triangles with 2 inch strips of tape.

Step 10

Use two 7 inch strips of tape on either side to cover all ragged edges of the seam-sealing tape. Fold that extra bit over the top to keep it secure.

Step 11

Lay the bag on its back.

Step 12

Fold the corners of either side of the flap inward to form a point.

Step 13

Secure the point with tape.

Step 14

You are now done with the bag portion. Time for the straps!

Craft Length
30 - 60 minutes
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Duct Tape
Purses and Bags
Prep Time
10 - 20 minutes
1 adult per 2 children