How to Make an Air Plant Jellyfish

Beautiful sea creatures from natural elements.
How to
Step 1

There are three different ways to create your jellyfish.  The method will depend upon the size of your air plant and the size of both the top and bottom holes in the sea urchin shell.  This first method is the most simple and involves a shell with a small hole at the top and an air plant that fits perfectly inside the larger hole at the bottom.  Begin by tying a button to a piece of monofiliment.  Make a loop at the other end of the monofilament.

Step 2

Pull the loop up through the top hole in the shell.  The button should catch on the underside of the shell and allow it to hang.

Step 3

Insert you perfectly sized air plant into the smaller hole.  This first version is complete.

Step 4

Secondly, you can hang the air plant using your monofilament.  This works best when the bottom hole of the shell is larger than the air plant.  Carefully wrap the monofilament around the fronds of the air plant.

Step 5

Tie a loop at the other end of your monofilament. Pull it through the top hole.  Your shell will be suspended by the plant itself.

Step 6

Finally, you can add a button to the monofilament and use it to adjust how the airplant hangs.  This is best when you have a very large hole and/or shell. Wrap the monofilament around the air plant as we did earlier.  Add the button as we did in step one, but leave one side of it loose so it can be adjusted.  

Step 7

Insert the plant into the shell and use the button adjust the height of the plant.