How to Make Baby Yoda from a Cork

Everyone's favorite new character made out of cork.
Materials List

champagne cork

wire cutters

scissors reserved for fabric

regular fabric

pony beads or small wooden beads

hot glue

push pins

green bumpy pipe cleaners

How to
Step 1

Paint your entire champagne cork green.  I do this with a paint pen.  You can choose to use either the light or darker shade of green.  I place two pushpins in the end of the cork to help hold the cork while painting.

Step 2

Cut a strip of tan felt about 6 inches long and 3/4 of the height of your cork.

Step 3

Glue it onto one side of the cork.

Step 4

Roll it around the cork and glue it on the other side.  

Step 5

In order to create the cowl of his coat I am only glueing on the base of the cork.  Once it is glued onto the cork you can fold down the collar and glue that down, creating the cowl.

Step 6

I use two green pearl pins as his arms.  Simply insert them through the coat and into the cork.  Bend them to your liking.

Step 7

I use a bead as his bone broth cup.  You can use pony beads or wooden beads.  Simply glue the bead to the pearl tops of the pins.  You will need to hold this for a while to allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 8

I am using pipe cleaners to create his ears.  First make a hole in the side of your cork with an awl.

Step 9

Cut two pieces from your green bumpy pipe cleaner to be his ears.  Insert them into the hole you created with your awl.