Materials List
How to
Step 1

Separate each of your plastic eggs into two halves.  Trim the small piece of plastic that connects them.

Step 2

The orange half will be the bottom.  Use the more rounded half of that egg.  Glue your marbe into the bottom of that egg half.

Step 3

Put your egg together.  Use your push pin to make a small hole where his pipe cleaner ears will go.

Step 4

You will likely need to make the hole a bit larger to insert the pipe cleaner.  Use your embroidery needle to do so.  You will want to make a hole on either side of the egg.

Step 5

Cut the "bumpy" part off of a green bumpy pipe cleaner.

Step 6

Insert the pipe cleaner into the two holes you just made.  You may need to use your pliers to pull the pipe cleaners through the hole.

Step 7

Use your marker to draw Baby Yoda's face on the green egg half. 

Step 8

If you have small pom poms you can glue those onto the egg to represent his hands.