How to Make a Boho Chic Wall Hanging

Naturally chic room decor
Materials List


assorted lace, pearls, beads, jewels

hot glue


clippers or garden shears

How to
Step 1

Use garden shears or clippers to cut three pieces from your twig.  One should be approximately 8" long.  The other two 6" long.

Step 2

Glue the three pieces together to form a triangle.

Step 3

Use 12" of wire to provide extra security to your corners.  Twist the wire around and under the twigs to secure them.  In the top corner, (the 8" piece is the bottom) use approximately 18" of wire.  The extra six inches will be looped together to form the hanger.

Step 4

Begin decorating with a variety of different laces of varying lengths.

Step 5

Attach the lace by folding it in half, creating a loop, placing the loop behind the twig and then bringing the ends through the loop, or you can simply tie the lace onto the twig.

Step 6

I am also using some pearls.  For these you simply attach by allowing the pearls to interlock with themselves.  Place one pearl in a gap in the string of pearls and twist to secure.

Step 7

You can mix your lace and pearls.

Step 8

Continue in this manner until the enire bottom twig is covered.

Step 9

I happen to have some of these translucent beads from a beaded curtain.  Use glue to attach those and give the wall hanging some sparkle.

Step 10

Finally, I had a large crystal left over from an event.  If you have something like this you can attach it to the middle of the triangle using wire.