How to Make Button Flowers

These flowers are cute as a button!
Materials List

Flat buttons of varying sizes

Buttons with "stems" (a raised area on the bottom where the hole is)

Pipe cleaners (preferably green)


Glue gun (optional; requires adult supervision)

Jewels or rhinestones (optional)

How to
Step 1

To begin you'll need at least one large flat button, one medium flat button, one small flat button, and if you can, one small button with a raised "stem" where the hole is. Start by poking your green pipe cleaner through one of the holes in the largest flat button.

Step 2

Stack the medium button on top of the large button by poking the pipe cleaner through the medium button's hole. Repeat with the small flat button.

Step 3

Thread the pipe cleaner through the hole in your smallest button's raised "stem."

Step 4

Thread the pipe cleaner through so that about 1-2 inches overhang past the last button, and gently bend the pipe cleaner back toward the buttons.

Step 5

Thread the overhanging pipe cleaner back through the buttons, through different holes this time! You get best results when you use the hole diagonally across from the first hole you use.

Step 6

Once all the buttons have been threaded through with the pipe cleaner twice, push all the buttons to the end of the bend in the pipe cleaner so that no gaps remain between buttons.

Step 7

Underneath the largest button, twist the pipe cleaner onto itself to secure the buttons in place.

Step 8

Going down the pipe cleaner "stem" a few inches, pinch an oblong loop into the pipe cleaner. This is going to become a leaf!

Step 9

Twist the loop closed, as shown in the picture.

Step 10

You can repeat this step on the opposite side if you want more than one leaf! And that's all there is to it -- you've made a pretty button flower!

Step 11

If you don't have a button with a raised "stem," or you just want to add some bling, you can thread the pipe cleaner through your smallest flat button, then bend it and thread it back through the other buttons, as shown in Steps 5 and 6. You can then apply a little bit of hot glue to the exposed pipe cleaner on top of your smallest button, and add a jewel!

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 5 children

Make yourself a whole bouquet of button flowers, and experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors of buttons!

Variation Photos