How to Make a Clothespin Airplane

A cute little wooden flying machine
Materials List

Paint or Paint Markers


push pin

small bead

glue gun

How to
Step 1

Paint all of your pieces using either paint or Paint Markers.

Step 2

Cut your propellor from the coffee stir stick.  Cut the stick about two inches from one end and use your scissors to round the straight edge.

Step 3

Use your pushpin to make a small hole in the middle of the stick.

Step 4

Push your ball headed pin through the hole.  Place a small bead on the other end of the pin.

Step 5

Place a few drops of glue inside your clothespin.  Lay the propellor inside the clothespin and secure. The bead should allow the propellor to spin.

Step 6

Add your wings by glueing the 3" sticks on the top and bottom of the clothespin.

Step 7

Cut a piece approximately one inch long off of the end of one of the 3" sticks.

Step 8

Glue that on the back to be the tail.  

Step 9

Glue a small spool on the bottom to be the wheels.  If you do not have a spool you can also use two pony beads.