How to Make a Crayon Holder from a Recycled Water Bottle

Use the leftover pieces from your pencil holder to create a matching crayon holder
Materials List

Left over pieces of the plastic water bottles from our pencil holder project

duct tape


sharpie pen

x-acto knife

work surface


How to
Step 1

Measure down 3/4" from the edge of one of the remaining tops of your water bottle and make a mark.

Step 2

Use your scissors to make three small cuts in your water bottle.  Cut right up to the mark you just made.  This fringe will help you connect the two bottles.

Step 3

Connect your two bottles by placing the small cut pieces inside the other bottle piece.  Tuck one bottle over top of the other.

Step 4

Wrap a two inch strip of duct tape around the center to cover the seam and secure the bottles together.  Use a few extra smaller strips to embellish the middle of yoru bottles and the lids.