You Will Need ...
  1. Duct Tape (Three Colors, End of the Roll is best)

  2. Scissors

  3. Sharpie

  4. X-Acto Knife

  5. Cutting Surface

  6. Parchment Paper

  7. Pre Made duct tape strips are helpful

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Step 1: 

Start with the end of the roll, the last 12 inches of tape that has the cardboard backing.  You may need to trim to make sure you have a nice straight edge. Fold it over to make a triangle, flat edge to flat edge.

Step 2: 

Cut out your triangle.

Step 3: 

Next you want to seal your triangle. (This is where some pre made duct tape strips are helpful) Use the half on/half off technique for closing the edges of your triangle. 

Step 4: 

Use your scissors to trim off the bottom (long) edge of the triangle.  You have now created the basic corner biter.  You can stop here or continue to decorate.

Step 5: 

I'm going to turn mine into a little monster. First, I'll make the teeth. Take a 1-inch piece of white duct tape, fold it over onto itself , leaving about 1/8" inch of sticky. Using your scissors, cut some jagged edges up and down along the line.

Step 6: 

Now to make a tongue. Cut a 5-inch long piece of red duct tape. Fold it up onto itself, again leaving a little sticky edge.

Step 7: 

I made a long rounded tongue, but you can cut whatever shape you desire. It's your monster!

Step 8: 

Using the same technique as the last few steps, take a 3-inch piece of yellow duct tape. Decide what size or shape ears you want.

Step 9: 

Fold the piece in half with the sticky side facing out. Cut out your two ears.

Step 10: 

Now for some more fun monster accents. Put your white strip of tape over parchment paper, half on /half off, and cut out your eyes. With this technique you end up with two identical circles. I repeated the same step using blue for the inner eye color.

Step 11: 

Now, let the fun begin! We are ready to assemble our monster face! Apply the ears to the top of your corner biter, then maybe some inside ear-color (I did it in red), next the eyes and so forth ...

Step 12: 

Once the face is complete it's time to assemble the teeth and tongue.

Step 13: 

Using the sticker side, place the teeth inside the mouth. Secure that with a small strip of tape.

Step 14: 

Last but not least is that long red tongue. Stick it inside the mouth like you did the teeth.

Step 15: 

All done! Make a bunch of different creatures or a batch of the same creatures with different faces.

Duct Tape: 
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