How to Make an Expandable Mini Photo Album

A unique way to display your photos
Materials List



small tin or container


small cup for circles


circle cutter (optional)

hot glue

How to
Step 1

Use a small cup to trace circles onto your card stock.  Your circle needs to be smaller than the inside diameter of your container or tin.  This enables the paper to fit in the container.  Trace three circles in a row with their edges touching.

Step 2

Place your ruler in the center of the circle and draw a line down each edge of the ruler.

Step 3

Do this on each of your sheets of colored paper.

Step 4

Cut each one of them out - cutting around the "tabs" you created by drawing the lines.

Step 5

Glue the five pieces together by covering the last circle of each set with a generous amount of glue and glueing them together.

Step 6

You will have created one long strip of circles.  Additionally you will need one accordian strip to attach the circles to the tin.  Cut a strip of paper the width of your ruler and the length of your paper.  Accordian fold that paper into one inch squares.

Step 7

You will also need to accordian fold your circle strips as well.

Step 8

Glue one end of your accordian stip onto one end of the circle strip.  From another circle strip cut two half circles.

Step 9

Glue one half circle over the accordian strip you just glued to the circle.  This helps secure the strip to the circles.  Glue the second half circle over the accordian strip where it is attached to the container.

Step 10

Next, begin cutting out and creating the images you want for your photo album.  I am using a circle cutter, but you can do this by hand.  You can also add stickers, text and other embellishments to personalize.

Step 11

Begin glueing your photos onto the circle strips. Be certain to lay out the circles in the manner in which they will come out of the tin.  You want to be certain to glue the photos onto the correct side of each circle.

Step 12

To fiish you can embellish the container itself with jewels or stickers.