How to Make Fancy Gods Eyes

Take your God's Eyes to the next level with these fancy designs.
Materials List

3 7" coffee stir sticks

hot glue gun





How to
Step 1

Measure each of the stir sticks and mark the middle of each with a dot.

Step 2

Glue two sticks into the shape of an X

Step 3

Glue the third stick onto the top of the X

Step 4

Place a drop of glue in the center of the sticks.  Wrap the yarn aounrd the center two times.

Step 5

After every two wraps rotate the sticks one quarter turn and wrap twice around again.  Continue until you have gone completely around the the sticks.

Step 6

For this version I want to wrap the arms.  Begin by wrapping away from the center as tightly as possible.

Step 7

When you reach the end place a small dab of glue at the end and secure the yarn.

Step 8

Wrap your yarn back down the arm and once back in the middle bring your yarn underneath the neighboring stick and begin covering that arm.

Step 9

Continiue in this fashion until you have covered all of the arms.

Step 10

Next make your center design.  Begin by wrapping three times around the center of the star.  Make a quarter turn and wrap three times again.  Continue all the way around the shape.  You will create a star shape.

Step 11

Next create some space in between your star shapes by wrapping three times around one stiick, then moving to the adjacent stick.

Step 12

Continue going around in this manner, adding some space.  

Step 13

You can wrap the sections with multiple layers on just one.

Step 14

When finished, return to the original arm on which you started, wrap the yarn twice around and add some glue to secure.

Step 15

Cut the yarn and tie it off by making a double knot at the end of the stick.  Add a little glue to secure.