How to Make Fourth of July Deely Bobbers

Celebrate the Fourth in style
Materials List


red, white and blue yarn

2" x 6" piece of foamcore

hot glue

How to
Step 1

Line up the ends of your red, white and blue yarn.

Step 2

We are making pom poms to top our deeley bobbers.  Begin by wrapping the yarn around the foamcore.  You will need to do so about 35 times.

Step 3

When finished cut the end of the yarn.  Slide the yarn off of the foamcore.  Instead of using string for these pom poms we are using pipe cleaners.  Make a U out of your pipe cleaner.  Lay it on either sided of the yarn bundle.

Step 4

Keep the yarn as tightly bundled as possible and seal the yarn by twisting your pipe cleaner.  Twist it as tightly as possible.

Step 5

Cut all of the yarn loops.

Step 6

Use your scissors to shape the pom pom into a sphere.

Step 7

Twist your pipe cleaners together to create a stem.  Twist until you have about 1 1.2 inch of pipe cleaner left un-twisted.

Step 8

Slide your pony beads over both ends of the pipe cleaner and push them to the top.  Create a red, white and blue pattern of beads on your stem.

Step 9

Twist the pipe cleaners around the headband.  

Step 10

Twist them tightly so they are firmly attached.

Step 11

Use some more red yarn to cover the white pipe cleaner.  Start with a dab if glue and wrap the yarn around the entire headband.

Step 12

All finished.  Ready to make some fireworks of your own