How to Make a Friendship Photo Ball

Turn your photos into a keepsake
Materials List

photos - I print mine on my Selphy Photo Printer

Large safety pin



glue gun

How to
Step 1

Start by making a template for your photos.  Cut a circle out of cardstock.  If you do not have a circle cutter you can draw and cut a circle 2" in diameter.

Step 2

1. Fold your circle in half and crease well

2. Open it up and fold back in the other direction. You will end up with four triangles in your circle.

3. Fold the rounded points up to the middle.  Do this on each side creating a triangle.

4. Cut along the triangle lines.


Step 3

Use your circle cutter to cut eight circles out of your photos.

Step 4

Place your triangle template on each of the eight photos.  Remember you will have 4 with the point of the triangle facing up and four with it facing down.  Decide which way is best for your photo subjects.  Place your template on each circle and use the safety pin to score each photo along those fold lines.

Step 5

Fold each of the photos along the fold lines.

Step 6

Begin gluing the photos together.  Place glue on the rounded edge of one photo.  Line up the bottom edge and glue them together.

Step 7

Add another photo on the other side.  Again, gluing the rounded edges together and lining up the bottom edge.  Glue four photos together to form the top of the ball.

Step 8

Before we add the bottom photos we want to add the cord.  Thread a piece of cord through the hole in the middle of your top piece.

Step 9

Thread two beads into the cord, with both ends of the cord going through each bead.

Step 10

Bring the cord back through the beads and create a loop.

Step 11

Pull the ends of the cord down through the bottom of the photos.

Step 12

Glue the four bottom photos to the top photos.  Note - do not try and glue two halves of the ball together.  You will need to add each bottom photo one at a time.  As you are gluing adjust the cord so it exits through the middle of the ball.

Step 13

Pull the excess string through the bottom of the photo ball.  Add beads to your liking.

Step 14

Tie off the beads and trim any excess.