How to Make God's Eye Earrings

Beautifully woven jewelry
Materials List

hot glue


earring findings

variegated embroidery floss

fabric scissors

regular scissors

flair pen


How to
Step 1

Create two crosses from four toothpicks.  Be certain to use a sufficient amount of glue and allow the crosses to dry for at least 5 minutes.  You will need them to be very secure.

Step 2

Open up your variegated floss.  You will want the color to change as you weave, so if you need to you should begin a bit after the beginning of the skein.  Measure 24 inches of floss and trim.

Step 3

Place a small drop of glue in the center of the cross.  Wrap your floss around twice and make a quarter turn.  

Step 4

Do this until you have completed a revolution. This will give you a base of yarn.

Step 5

Once you have created your base you can start creating your God's Eye by wrapping the floss around the stick and then making a quarter turn to the next stick.  If you need a refresher you can watch my How to Make a God's Eye video

Step 6

Continue weaving in the manner.  The colors will change as you wrap more yarn.

Step 7

When you have reached the end of your design you can make a final border with a darker color.  Wrap the floss a few extra times around the final stick.

Step 8

Add a drop of glue to seal the end.  You should have about six inches of floss left.  Do not trim it.

Step 9

Slide a seed bead onto the end of one of the toothpicks.  Mark the top of the bead with your pen.  

Step 10

Make a mark like this on all four of the sticks.

Step 11

Use your regular scissors to trim the toothpicks at the marks you just made.

Step 12

Slide an additional bead over the excess floss.  Slide your eaaring finder on after that.

Step 13

Loop the floss back through the bead.  Make sure you leave a little space between the bead and the top of the God's Eye.  This allows the earring to dangle.

Step 14

Slide the bead down. Add a drop of glue to secure.