How to Make a God's Eye Necklace

Complete your set of beautiful woven jewelry
Materials List

hot glue


scissors - one pair for fabric and one for general use

flair pen or marker

How to
Step 1

Place a drop of the glue in the center of one of your toothpicks and glue them together to form a cross.  Let this dry for at least 3-4 minutes.

Step 2

Wrap your variegated embroidery floss around the center point of the floss a few times.  Add a drop of glue to secure.

Step 3

Wrap the cord twice over the glue, make a quarter turn and repeat until you have wrapped the yarn all the way around the center of the cross.

Step 4

When you have the center of the eye created it is time to start weaving the rest.

Step 5

Create the God's Eye like we have in the past.  Wrap the yarn around each stick twice and the move a quarter turn to the next stick and repeat. 

Step 6

Continue weaving until you have created the God's Eye in the size you prefer.

Step 7

At the end, wrap the yarn two or three times and place a small dab of glue to finish the weave and lock the floss in place.

Step 8

Trim the floss, leaving about 6 inches extra.

Step 9

Next we are going to make a loop to attach it to the necklace.  Put a bead on the thread and then bring the other end of the floss down through the bead.

Step 10

Slide the bead down onto the toothpick to lock in the loop.

Step 11

Slide beads onto each of the three other ends of the toothpick.  Secure with a drop of glue.

Step 12

Use your general scissors to trim off the pointy ends of each toothpick.

Step 13

Cut a piece of your leather cord to approsimately 24 inches.

Step 14

Pass the cord through the loop you created at the top of the God's Eye.  Tie your cord together with a slip knot to create the necklace.

Step 15

Place a few beads, or as many as you like, at the end of the cord.  I prefer to pass my beads over both ends of the cord to create a nice hanger for the God's Eye.