How to Make a Handmade Bow and Arrow

A simple, handmade bow and arrow that really shoots
Materials List



cutting board

duct tape

x-acto knife

wire cutters

popsicle stick

hot glue

How to
Step 1

Use your wire cutters to cut one of the bamboo marshmalow sticks in half.  These will be your arrows.

Step 2

Embellish your arrow as you like.  1.  Add some strips of duct tape for color. 2.  Glue a puff ball onto the sharp end of the stick.  This is for decoration as well as protection.  Push the puff ball down onto the point, creating a hole.  Fill the hole with hot glue and attach.  Set the arrows aside.

Step 3

We will use two sticks to create the bow.  Place the sticks side by side.  Use small pieces of duct tape to secure the sticks together.  Be certain to leave the points exposed on each end.  Cover the sticks entirely.  This provides strength to the bow as well as decoration.

Step 4

To add the string: 1.  Leaving a "tail" of about 3 inches put your yarn through the gap in the two sticks.  2. Wrap the yarn around the sticks 4 or 5 times.  Tie the tail to the string with a knot. 3.  Wrap it again four or five times and tie it a second time.  4.  Take the string up through the gap in the sticks again, bring it down to where you have wrapped.  Secure it there with hot glue.

Step 5

Use three 1" wide strips of tape to cover the yarn and secure.

Step 6

Pull the yarn through the other end of the bow, in the same gap you have created in the sticks.  Adjust the tension to your liking.  You should have a nice bow, but not too tight.  

Step 7

Tie your yarn to the other end of the bow.  This time the process is slightly reversed.  1. Secure with a small piece of tape.  Wrap the yarn around the sticks two or three times.  2.  Add another piece of duct tape.  3.  Lift up the string and make a loop around your finger.  4.  Bring the end through and tie it off.

Step 8

Cover the entire thing in duct tape.

Step 9

Finally, I will create a rest for the arrow back. Use your wire cutters to cut a popsicle stick in half.

Step 10

Cover each half with duct tape.

Step 11

Secure the popsicle stick with a dab of glue.  Use thin strips of duct tape in an X pattern to secure the popsicle stick to the bow.

Step 12

Wrap with four or five strips until completely covered.