How to Make Handmade Dinosaur Fossils

create your own prehistoric fossil
Materials List

ziploc bags



tongue depressor

paint brush

small cups

How to
Step 1

There are three different ways to create these fossils. You can do so using wet sand, kinetic sand or playdough.  Fill a small deli container with each of the three materials.

Step 2

Use one of your dinosaur toys or skeletons to make an impression in each of the materials.  It may help to roll the figure in the materials.

Step 3

Remove your figure and then use your tongue depressor to smooth the edges of your impression.

Step 4

To make your plaster of paris I have found it easiest to place four ounces of plaster of paris in a ziploc bag.

Step 5

Add two ounces of water to the bag a little at a time and knead the bag with your fingers until the plaster of paris is mixed well. When finished it should have the consistency of icing.

Step 6

Seal the bag. Push all of the plaster to one side and then cut the opposite corner of the bag. Use the ziploc like a pastry bag and squeeze the plaster out onto the sand and or playdough.

Step 7

Use your tongue depressor to smooth out the top of the plaster.  It may also help to drop the container on the table a few times to release any air bubbles.

Step 8

You must allow each container to dry for at least three to four hours.  Better if you can allow them to dry overnight.  Once dry, turn the container upside down and pop out each fossil.  Peel or brush away the sand or playdough.

Step 9

The kinetic sand fossil will be very light in color.  I have found it helpful to color the plaster a bit to help the fossil stand out.  

Step 10

Darker colors on the fossil itself will help it stand out.

Step 11

Your kinetic sand fossil is complete.  The other fossils need no additional color.