How to Make Jewelry from Recycled Corks

Jewelry from recycled corks
Materials List


box cutter

cutting surface

needlenose pliers




wood burner with alphabet tips or Sharpie Marker

glue gun

How to
Step 1

Cut a few 1/2" pieces from your cork.

Step 2

We begin with earrings:  add the earring hook to your 13/16" screw eye.  You may need to use your needlenose pliers to open the screw eye slightly to pass the hook through.

Step 3

Twist the screw eye into your cork piece.  You want to be sure to screw it all the way down, so the eye settles into the cork.  This prevents it from coming undone.

Step 4

You can decorate your cork in whatever manner you choose.  I am using a wood burning tool and a letter stencil.  If you do use a wood burner I have found that it is best to roll the burner onto the cork.  Do not just press down.

Step 5

To create a necklace, decorate your cork first and then add two screw eyes on either side of your decoration.

Step 6

Tie a piece of elastic or string onto each screw eye and then tie the ends together to create a necklace.

Step 7

You can create and decorate both necklaces and bracelets by adding beads on either side and then tieing the end together.

Step 8

To create a tie tack simply glue your cork onto the pin side of the tack.  Be certain to allow it to dry throroughly before attaching.