How to Make Leap Year Frogs

Celebrate Leap Day by creating these fun, leaping frogs!
Materials List

Large round buttons, one for the back of each frog and one to make them jump


Our downloadable PDF found under the Stats tab above, or cut out pictures of frogs

Markers, crayons, other coloring items

A paper plate or something to act as the "lily pad"

How to
Step 1

Download our PDF from the Stats tab above and color them. You can also use other small, cut out pictures of frogs if you like. Frogs that are on heavier, stiffer paper work best for this project.

Step 2

Cut out your colored-in and decorated froggies!

Step 3

Put a glue dot on the bottom back of each frog. The glue dot should NOT be in the center -- it should allow your button to be aligned with the bottom of your frog.

Step 4

Stick your round button onto the glue dot so that the edge touches the bottom of the frog cutout. Once again, this project won't work if the button is in the center of the cutout!

Step 5

Once you're done making your frogs, it's time to make them "leap!" Take a large button and press it down on the bottom edge of your frog. The top button will force the bottom button to shoot out, and your frog will jump!

Step 6

Just press down...

Step 7

... And he leaps! Use a paper plate as a "lily pad," and try to see if you can get your froggie to land on it!

Step 8

You can also have contests with your friends to see who can get their frog to leap the furthest, with the most accuracy, the highest, etc.

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children