How to Make LEGO Jewelry

Fashionable jewelry made from LEGOS
How to
Step 1

Begin with your hinge lego piece.  This is the piece that will enable you to attach an elastic cord to your flat lego plate.  Place a small drop of glue on the part that attaches to the plate.

Step 2

Glue the hinge piece to the flat plate.

Step 3

Now you can simply design and embellish your lego plate as you desire.

Step 4

Use a piece of elastic cord to create your necklace.  Slip the cord through the hole in the lego piece.  Trim to length.

Step 5

Here I am using lego tubes like beads - beading the necklace.

Step 6

Tie the ends of your elastic cord together.

Step 7

All done - your imagination and your LEGO collection are your only limitations.