How to Make a Mandrake

Your very own Harry Potter inspired creature.
Materials List



Labels - printable .pdf under the Stats tab above

paint brush

stir stick



How to
Step 1

Start with a handful of air dry clay.  Roll the clay into a tube.  Use your fingers to give the Mandrake some shape.  A small neck and body.

Step 2

Use your stir stick to give your Mandrake some texture.  Use the end of the stick to create his mouth.

Step 3

Use the point of a pen to give him some nostrils.  Here I am using black beads to create the eyes.  You can also use doll's eyes or ball top pins.

Step 4

Fill the top of the Mandrake's head with silk flowers and leaves.  You can push the plastic flowers directly into the clay.

Step 5

Paint the entire Mandrake with brown water color paint.

Step 6

After the brown paint has dried use a spray bottle to spray on green paint to give the Mandrake more texture.  You can also just brush small amounts of green onto the brown.

Step 7

Place a small amount of moss in the bottom of your terra cotta pot.

Step 8

Place your Mandrake on top of the moss in the pot.

Step 9

Download my .pdf from the Stats tab above.  Cut out a label.

Step 10

Use Mod Podge to adhere the label to the pot.  If you have sticker paper you can also print on that and simple apply the sticker.