How to Make a Message in a Bottle

A very special project for you or someone special.
Materials List

#4 or #5 cork



small shells and trinkets

How to
Step 1

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to 6" x 3".  Write whatever message you like on the paper.

Step 2

Roll the paper very tightly.  Tie the paper with a piece of twine.  If you like you can add a small charm to the twine.

Step 3

Next we will fill the bottom of the bottle.  Begin with some sand.  This helps the bottle to float with its cork up.  On top of the sand add some small shells, trinkets or whatever else you have.

Step 4

Place your message in the bottle and seal with the cork.  Note that if you are using a #4 (smaller) cork you may need to trim your paper slightly as that cork will go further into the bottle.

Step 5

Use some different twine, in this case I am using natural twine, to decorate the top of the bottle.  Begin by wrapping it around in the grooves where the cap would go.

Step 6

Add a small charm or two if you like and contonue wrapping all the way around the top of the bottle.  Add a drop of hot glue at the end to seal.