How to Make a Nature Journal

A beautifully simple way to collect natural elements
Materials List

tapestry needle

hole punch


Labels - found under the Stats tab above

How to
Step 1

Punch three holes in the closed end of each of your manila envelopes.  You can use as many envelopes as you like and in whatever size you prefer.

Step 2

Cut a piece of twine approximately 3 feet long and thread it through your tapestry needle.

Step 3

To sew the envelopes together bring your needle up through the first hole.  Leave about six inches of twine and then go around the end and back up through the hole.

Step 4

Go over to the next hole and take your needle down through the hole from the top.

Step 5

Bring the needle up and around the hole.  Flip the envelope over and go up through the third hole in the opposite direction.  Once again wrap around the edge two times.

Step 6

Move back to the middle hole, this time taking the needle down from the top.  Wrap around the edge one more time.  Move to the other hole, come up from the bottom and wrap around again.

Step 7

Cut the end of your twine and tie a small bow.

Step 8

Download my sticker template from the Stats tab above.  Print the stickers and cut them out.  Or you can create your own.  Affix the stickers to each envelope.

Step 9

Your journal is now complete.  As you gather natural elements from your hikes you can add each one to an envelope.  Use a round sticker to seal each one.