How to Make a Paper Bag Cornucopia

Transform a paper bag into a beautiful cornucopia!
Materials List

Large paper bag like a grocery sack


Rubber bands

How to
Step 1

Open up your large paper bag. Using your hand, push the bottom of the bag so that it creates a little peak in the center, pointing out of the bottom of the bag. Grab this peak from the outside, and using your scissors, make a small cut. Essentially, you're making a "pilot hole" in the center of the bottom of the bag for the next step! Please keep in mind that small hands probably won't be able to reach, and also should be carefully watched whenever handling scissors, so an adult should be there to help!

Step 2

Cut the bag open horizontally, going to both the left and the right of your pilot hole.

Step 3

Cut the bag vertically, going to both the top and bottom of your pilot hole. The bottom of your bag should now be cut open in a "+" shape.

Step 4

Now you need to straighten things out a bit. To eliminate the bag's bottom corners, place one hand inside the bottom of the bag for support, and use your other hand to "pop" the corner in toward the inside of the bag, creating a flush (if crinkled!) surface. Gently pull your flaps forward to continue straightening out those corners.

Step 5

Do this to all four corners, so that your bottom flaps are straightened and easily gathered in one hand.

Step 6

The bottom of your bag is now the tail end of your cornucopia. Grab it in one hand as you would hold hair when making a ponytail. Twist it together, with loose twists toward the top part of the horn, and twisting more tightly as you reach the end. This will close up the end of your horn and create a general cone shape for your cornucopia.

Step 7

Using your other hand, take your rubber bands and wrap them around the tail. Be sure to allow space between wraps -- you want the rubber bands to secure the entire length of the tail in place and keep it from untwisting. Use two rubber bands so that they reach all the way down the tail.

Step 8

Now that you're done with the tail, go back to the top of your cornucopia. Carefully open the top part of the bag fully.

Step 9

Bending the sides back, "cuff" the top of the bag as you would roll the bottom of a pair of jeans. Roll the top of the bag at least twice for a defined "lip" on the top edge of your cornucopia.

Step 10

And there it is! Your cornucopia is ready to be stuffed with all sorts of harvest goodies!

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 5 children

Throughout the rest of the fall season, I'll be showing you how to make fruits and vegetables from simple household items like newspaper and tissue paper. You can use these to fill your cornucopia to make a beautiful table centerpiece!Tissue Paper PumpkinTissue Paper Corn

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