How to Make a Paper Plate Bat

Go Batty this Halloween with this super cute paper plate bat.
Materials List


black pipe cleaner

hot glue

hole punch

How to
Step 1

Turn the large plate upside down.  Cut two small arches in the center of the plate to create the wings.

Step 2

To make sure your wings are the same size, flip one wing on top of the other and trim to size.  You will be left with a small piece of plate.

Step 3

Use your leftover plate to create the teeth and the ears.  Cut large triangles for the ears and smaller ones for the teeth.  Again you can lay one on top of the other to ensure they are the same size.

Step 4

Flip the small plate over and glue the wings onto the back of that plate.  You can place your wings however you like.

Step 5

Glue your ears onto the back rim of the small plate.

Step 6

You can use either sticker eyes or googley eyes for his face.  You can also simply draw eyes on with a white marker if you prefer.

Step 7

Use your white marker to draw a mouth, a smile, whatever you prefer.

Step 8

Glue the smaller triangles, with the white facing outward onto his mouth.

Step 9

Use your hole punch to make a hole in the center of the plate between his ears.

Step 10

Thread your black pipe cleaner though the hole you just created.

Step 11

Twist your pipe cleaner to create a hanger for the bat.  All done.